Aluminium Certified Collision Care

Aluminium Certified Collision Care

Aluminium is used in body production of many high end vehicles as well as the iconic Ford F150. Aluminium is stronger than steel, weighs less and this translates to better efficiency and fuel economy. Aluminium is also resistant to rust and corrosion. Aluminium vehicle repairs however, call for use of specialized auto body equipment. Aluminium does not have good metal memory so once damaged or dent, aluminium specific tools and skills are required to return it to its original state.

Why Choose Aluminium Certified Repair

There are many important differences between Aluminium and Steel that need to be taken into consideration during autobody repair.

Metal Memory

Aluminium metal does not have good metal memory, which means that once aluminium is dent or bent  it is not easily formed back to its original shape. Specialized methods and tools are required to get aluminium back to its original shape.

Specialized Equipment

Aluminium has a higher thermal conductivity than steel, meaning heat travels through aluminium further and faster. This presents many difficult challenges when welding aluminium. Excessive heat can compromise the integrity of the metal, causing safety issues if welding is not done properly. Furthermore, unlike traditional steel built vehicles, aluminium joints are not welded together but rather joined with special rivets and joins. These require specialized tools and training to work on properly.

Why Kelleher Collision Centre

At Kelleher collision Centre we invest significantly in training and education for our team members. We regularly ensure our techs have the latest equipment to meet the highest industry standards. Kelleher Collision Centre is one of the biggest auto body trainers in Westman, and is proud to have contributed to the learning and growth of many people over the years. Our friendly  staff are always welcoming and ready to answer any questions you have concerning your repair.


“I had some body work done on my truck in the winter of 2018 and found Rick (the body shop manager) to be excellent to deal with. Very helpful. Integrity and honesty are just a few qualities I wish to mention. Thank you Rick for an excellent experience in your shop. I will not hesitate to come in for work in the future!” – Susan C


“We had our new Ford 150 in for body work on chips and scratches!! The service done to make the truck right was excellent! The service people were very helpful and all the work done on the truck was very good!
We are getting to know the service ourselves and at this point we would recommend the service department to other’s!”  – Ken S


“The best service I’ve received from any car dealership. Friendly people who weren’t pushy. They fixed the truck in no time at all at a very good price . Our trip to Edmonton would have been much longer without your help. Many , many thanks !!!!” – Daniel C